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Because we have a retail store, we're able to offer many services to our retail and online customers.

  • Glove break-in service.  If you buy a glove from us, it's included for FREE.  We will also break-in gloves you purchased somewhere else for $25.
  • Glove repair services include but are not limited to:  lace tightening, lace replacement (over 15 different colors), fixing tears, glove break-ins, cleaning and conditioning.  We do work on all models and styles.  Prices will vary by the repair needed and by the style of glove (ie. trapeze, 1st baseman glove, catcher's mitt, etc.  Generally, a ballpark number is $12 per area repaired.  We have repaired thousands of gloves and can bring your glove back to life. 
  • Bat grip replacement.  We provide this service at no charge if you purchase the grip from us.
  • Sizing of catching gear, bats, gloves, etc. if the item is purchased from us.
  • Assortment of "demo" bats for you to swing to get a good feel of that special bat before you purchase it.  Try to find that online or the in the big box stores.
  • Team and League pricing for bags, balls, bats, helmets, etc., etc., etc....
  • Uniforms and fan apparel