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USA Baseball Bats - What to buy?

Chris Leleux

USA Bats- What to buy?

We have been fielding a ton of questions in regard to the new USA baseball bats. 

For those of you not familiar with the USA Baseball bat standards, there is a nice article on the Little League website and the link is: 


Things to consider when in the market for a new USA bat:

  1. There will be both a 2 ¼”(small barrel) and 2 5/8”(big barrel) diameter version.  There are more options available for the big barrel versions.
  2. Most big barrel bats will be offered in -10 or drop 10’s.  To determine the drop or minus variable, take your bat length and subtract the bat weight.  The difference of those two variables is the bat drop or minus number.
  3. Both big barrel and small barrel bats are legal for Little League play as long as they have the USA Baseball seal on it.
  4. In general, bats will be heavier than in the past.  Most big barrel bats will be -10’s and most of the small barrel bats will be -12’s.
  5. Very limited choices in the small barrel bats.  Most are one piece models utilizing alloy materials.
  6. Not all bats are created equal.  Some are weighted more towards the end of the barrel or handle or others are weighted evenly throughout the bat (balanced).
  7. Not all players are created equal.  This is not a one bat solution out there.  What works for one player may not work for the next.
  8. USA Baseball bats are very new to the marketplace and there isn’t a lot of information out there on how they perform in games.

What you can do:

  1. Attend demo events held by local sporting goods dealers or training facilities to swing the latest bats offered by the various manufacturers.
  2. Visit sporting goods dealers that have demo bats on hand for you to swing (yes, Complete Game Pro Shop has a number of demo bats on hand for you to try out)
  3. Conduct business with a retailer that is knowledgeable about bats and what is offered in the market.
  4. Talk to others that have purchase a bat and question them on what they like about their bat.

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