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FREE Glove Break-in Service

Chris Leleux


When you buy a new glove from Complete Game Pro Shop – we include our glove break-in service for FREE.  We use a multi-step process for breaking in new gloves – like everyone else, but we include it in the price of your glove for FREE.  This means when you open the box, your brand new glove is ready to start playing catch.

Check out our baseball or softball gloves to see our wide selection of gloves.

Our process starts with one of our break-in technicians using a specialized wooden mallet and leather pad to shape and mold the glove.  This is done to begin breaking down the leather and to loosen the heel and other hinge points and to start forming the pocket.  The next step is to apply a special lanolin to soften the leather and open the pores, before placing it in our steamer.  The steamer loosens the glove and infuses the leather with moisture to make it softer and easier to continue breaking in.  Finally, our break-in technicians continue to shape and mold the glove with the wooden mallet and leather pad until it’s ready to be shipped.

When you receive the glove, it’s ready to start playing catch with and custom fitting to your hand.

We also offer our break-in service for gloves not purchased through our store.  The price is $25 and the cost of shipping both ways.  Contact us for details at sales@completegameproshop.com

Glove steaming is not right for every glove – and some lower end gloves really don’t require much break-in process as they use softer leather and are ready to go upon purchase.  Gloves with mesh material are also not recommended for steaming.

Note:  We cannot accept returns on gloves that have been broken in.

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